Human Institutional Development (HID) Program

Human Institutional development plays a pivotal role and provides a foundation in the development and wellbeing of masses at local level.

HID interventions have had a proven role in shaping current development perspectives and have helped increase the ability of local organizations to plan, implement and document projects with greater professionalism. Continuity in planning and project operations provides assurance that capital and human effort bear optimum return.HADAF has about a decade long history of supporting grassroots organization development. It has a methodology for engaging local-level community representation and trained them in human, organizational and institutional development. In this regard HADAF have successfully completed a number of projects with details of few project as under.

HADAF engaged its community partners ‘COs/VOs/LSOs’ proactively in the process of capacity building through a variety of training events during the project period in accordance with standard procedures and as per appropriate timeline/implementation plan. The topics/ training type covered through a series of these community trainings at COs/VOs/LSOs level were Community Management Skills Training-CMSTs, Project O & M, Exposure visits, Linkages and Resource Mobilization, Health and Hygiene, Disaster Preparedness Training, Leadership Management skills Training, LSO as an institution and proposal writing.HADAF successfully trained a total of 2788 individuals comprised of 1967 Male members and 821 Female members. This ensured significance improvement in the financial, technical (context oriented) and managerial skills and capabilities of those office bearers and other potential community activists.

The capacity building interventions leads HADAF partner communities towards significantly better results in improving their social organization, contributions towards plan objectives, social and economic wellbeing of the area. This was done in proactive engagement and linkages with elected representatives, on Governmental agencies, civil societies groups and Government Line departments.HADAF HID program enabled these community groups to raise their voice for their basic living needs at community level in a more organized and productive way.

The community activist from COs/VOs/LSOs proactively engaged in addressing their communal level needs which shows a significant change in their mind sets i.e. a shift towards collective thought which is clearly due to HADAF’s strong social mobilization in the target communities. The capacity building events also contributed in improving the functionality, record keeping, monthly meetings, administrative and managerial skills of COs/VOs/LSOs.