HADAF’s Social Mobilization Program

Social mobilization occupies a central place in HADAF approach, with key focus on working with the poor, disadvantaged and deprived segments of societies.

The basic working strategy of HADAF Social Mobilization Program has been to established Community Organizations (COs) at hamlet/settlements level, Village Organizations (VOs) at village level and Local Support Organization at UC level as its partner in community development, therefore all programs and projects are implemented with collaboration of COs, VOs & Local Support Organizations (LSOs), local NGOs’ networks which ensure the sustainability of the program.

Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA)

Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) is the best practice model of Social Mobilization program. It is part of social mobilization and is used before any intervention. The PRA tools are used by the field team with the support of local community members/activists to assess the issues related to infrastructure ,livelihood ,health, education and intensity of poverty prevailing in the community. It can also be used for need assessment and area/village profile.

The purpose of this model is to:

  • To know about  community (insiders) through interactive ways
  • Involve members of the community through inclusive approach (community participation)
  • Promote ownership by the community


Field Teams with involvement/participation of local community members used basic tools of PRA i.e.. Social mapping and transect walk to collect accurate information. Local material is utilized in conduction of PRA activity to identify different attributes of the population.PRAs were conducted in 15 Union Counsel of district Haripur of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

To attain in depth information about the areas PRA techniques enabled HADAF team to address the key needs identified through various exercises during village development planning.

Community Organization (CO):

The working philosophy of Social Mobilization program involves Community Organizations (COs) as its partners in community development, therefore all programs and projects are being implemented with collaboration of CO which ensure the sustainability of the program to some extent. CO is a primary level organization and formed at village/settlement/para/ community level in target area. The CO is the representative body and have women representation in the form of either Women Community Organization/Group – WCO.On the average, one CO comprised of 25 members (1 member from each household of the target settlement).

The main purpose of establishing these COs is as under

  • Establish community based institutes for sustainable community development.
  • Develop capacity of community to manage their development project.
  • Ensure community participation/involvement and thus ownership.
  • Contribute in social development and awareness raising among communities.


  • Initial Contact /First contact visit
  • Meeting with key community person/notables/ stakeholders
  • Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA)
  • Large community  meeting
  • Conducting Poverty Scoring exercises for development of poverty profile
  • Identification /formation of COs ensuring female representation and participation.
  • Training/orientation of CO members
  • Election of office bearers
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)/TOP/Constitution between CO and HADAF Social Mobilization program for project implementation/interventions.
  • Opening of  bank account of CO for transfer of funds for project intervention at community level
  • Regular monthly meeting of CO to share progress and discuss issues.
  • Community Management Skills Training (CMST)
  • Development of Village Development Plan  (VDP)
  • Resource mobilization (CO  Savings)
  • Facilitation to CO in developing linkages/liaison with required partners/ authority/GLAs for project implementation.