Community Physical Infrastructure Program (CPI)

In order to stimulate growth and reduce poverty, it is essential to improve the supply, quality and affordability of infrastructure facilities and related services.

Overall Objective

Improve community physical Infrastructure to facilitate socio-economic development and increase access to social services for marginalized and deprived segments of society with key focus on  women, elders and persons with disabilities.

Specific Objectives

  1. Improve productive community physical infrastructure to ensure sustainable livelihoods for disadvantaged communities to safeguard the basic needs of ultra poors
  2. Strengthen the basic physical infrastructure to increase the accessibility to social safety network services
  1. Local Community Partners (COs/VOs/LSOs)
  2. International and Local Non-Governmental Organizations
  3. Donor Agencies (Pakistan Poverty Alliviation Fund,Kfw through PPAF,Concern Worldwide,DTCE etc)
  4. Government Line Agencies

HADAF uses multi-disciplinary, innovative and community based approaches around community roads, water & sanitation,irrigation channels, roads & bridges and other small infrastructures. The integral part of these approaches include few basic things, those are, priority needs of people and alternate ways to address those needs, environmental impact of infrastructures and their subsequent affect on the respective communities, affordability of infrastructures and foremost the sustainability of infrastructures in service delivery perspective, operations and maintenance. For integrated planning and development of infrastructures engineers and planners from HADAF held meetings with respective communities and expert consultants to develop such methods and tools which enable them to deal with complexities of technical infrastructure options and socio-economic realities, such consultations ensure that infrastructure solutions are appropriate in the community context. The main emphasis of the approach is to provide such infrastructure solutions that effectively correspond to local needs and can be operated and maintained at the local level.This approach is specially adopted in small to mediem size innovative projects.

HADAF has profound skills and learning from their on-going and completed community based physical infrastructure projects. The organization successfully completed CPI projects in collaboration with PPAF,DTCE,Concernworldwide,TVO costing 300 Million PKR (appx).The organization has qualified human resource which includes professional engineers, social and community development specialist with ability to assess, plan and execute infrastructure and related projects adopting an integrated development approach.

HADAF Implemented Community Physical Infrastructure schemes (CPIs) in  two districts of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa – Haripur & Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.HADAF activities have significantly contributed to poverty alleviation and development of livelihoods through provision of infrastructure for water, sanitation,communication and irrigation.

HADAF is being involved in the infrastructure development i.e.(DWSS,Drainage and Sanitation, Roads & bridges, irrigation ) as a regular Partner of PPAF in Haripur and Buner districts of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KPK).HADAF has so for been able to complete a number of projects valuing more than PKR 300 million successfully with the financial support of PPAF. HADAF, to date has accomplished more than 482 schemes comprised of 150 DWSS, 172 Sanitation and 160 others in the remote and deprived working areas of HADAF which enlighten clear picture of HADAF’s experience in infrastructure development.