Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI): PPAF

Community Physical Infrastructure is a vital component of HADAF activities. CPI programme provides an incentive for the COs to work diligently. The other villagers can observe the performance of organise and empowered CO which contributes directly to high standards and quality of life. Improvement of roads, pavement of streets, water storage systems and clean drinking water supplies as they all play an important role in betterment of society.

Community Physical Infrastructure

CPI Progress:  (2011-2012)

Description Types of CPIs 2011 2012 Total Achievement Remarks




No of small scale Infrastructure schemes completed

Drainage Water Supply Schemes (DWSS) 57 58 115  

–       Across 154 villages/ localities in 15 UCs of district Haripur

–       Out of total cost incurred 80% contribution was through PPAF


Drainage and Sanitation 55 33 88
Roads and Bridges 25 31 56
Irrigation channel 02 0 02
TOTAL       261