Adult Literacy

HADAF Partnered with National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) during (2006-08) and executed an Adult Literacy Programme in Haripur District. HADAF concentrated on teaching a set modular syllabus to women in the remote union councils of Haripur District. The results were better then predicted. Approximately 3822 women of 22 union councils were taught in 177 centres .HADAF concentrated on teaching adult women in these centres and found that a literate female of the household contribute more to community mobilisation and awareness.


                   Adult Literacy Programme
                      Progress:  (2006–2008)






Total Achievement



Task details

UC intervened 22 These Centers have been run by HADAF in collaboration with NCHD.


Total No. of Literacy Centers run by HADAF 177
Total No of Female learners 3822
Total Number of Teacher Trained 185
Total number of Local Monitors 12